The esteemed literary arts collective PANK Magazine is out with a new review of THE NEWS CLOWN!

The NEWS CLOWN cover.

The review by Thomas Michael Duncan, says the overwhelming achievement of THE NEWS CLOWN was an ‘exhausting’ experience. The Book of the Century, he notes, presents ‘fascinating ideas about society and the media.’ And resoundingly, the reviewer found himself focused on Thor’s descriptions of women and female breasts! Garcia draws out the two extremes of news reporting: overindulgent, fanatical coverage of the president by the national media versus minimalistic, apparent coverage of gruesome crimes by the local paper. Neither variety appears especially valuable, yet no happy medium arises, perhaps to suggest that a middle ground is impossible. . . . Thor drinks, writes crime blurbs, has sex with women, dates women, moves on, drinks more. New, strange characters are introduced throughout the story, and most disappear without fanfare or reason. Some are mentioned early on, then not again for two hundred pages. The women of the story each read like slight variations of the same, one-dimensional person. They have different body types and occupations, but each is equally lacking complexity. More often than not, within the first paragraph of a woman’s introduction, Thor mentions her boobs. The list of unimaginative breast descriptions include “boobs the size of pomegranates,” “your average boobs,” “smaller boobs,” “medium boobs,” and “ridiculously big boobs.”

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